.: Network check :.

.: Network Test

Network Test is a Flash utility that will test your Internet speed in relation with our streaming servers. Network Test will also send 8 pings and calculate latency in milliseconds (ms) and indicate if connection is stable (0 Errors).

The Upload Test result will help you to better choose the bitrate in your Software (Soft New). Basically the test will verify that you have enough bandwidth for the selected bitrate in your broadcasting software.

Keep in mind that 1Mbs = 1000Kbs , avoid the confusion between Mbs (megabits/s) and Kbs (kilobits/s). So, an Upload Test of 2Mbs for example equals 2000Kbs which is more than enough to broadcast in High Quality with our Soft New.

.: Ping Check

Ping Check is a utility that you can download and use. Ping Check will perform a classical ping test. It will send a number of small data packages (packets (or pings)) and calculate the returning time in ms (milliseconds). Ping Check will generate a report after it finishes, then you can see in the report if there were packets lost or not (noted in the Ping Check as: Request time outs). The more packets lost means your Internet connection in relation with our server is unstable – the data packets are being dropped and not sent to the next router in the relay of the network routing. This will cause lag and image freezing.

.: Tracert Check

After you do a Ping Check, if there are delays ( over 200ms average ) or losses ( dropped packets ) on the Ping Check – with the Tracert Utility you can find the router or routers that are causing these problems. You should know that a data package doesn't go directly from your computer to our server. The data will travel being relayed though a series of other routers until it reaches it's destination server. If only one of those routers is faulty, overloaded, or if the network route link is overload – it can cause network problems.

Alternatively, you can use WINMTR application that will show you more details in comparison with classic Tracert and Ping to analyze the route from your computer to our servers. Note that those tools are only providing information about the route from your computer to our servers to analyze the path from our server to your computers – you need to provide us with a static IP in your network so our technical team can check from our side.

.: Server Port Test Application

Some applications like an antivirus program that comes with a default integrated firewall, or other type of software, including the Windows7 default firewall, may alter the default Windows7 operating system's configuration. These firewalls may be blocking important communication ports on your computer. This situation will cause problems when trying to broadcast with our software.

The Server Port Test utility will show you if all the necessary communication ports are open allowing you to send your cam images and chat text to our servers.

You should get a «Success» result on all of the RMTP tests.

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.: Miscellaneous

Additionally, you can learn more about these aspects from our XGuide and also from our Video Tutorials.