.: Help & Frequently Asked Questions :.

  • What do I need to start?
  • Recommended requirements:
    For a better experience, you need :

    . a good computer with minimum of a dual core processor at 2Ghz or more with 2GB RAM memory or more,
    . Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS
    . a high speed ADSL or cable Internet connection,
    . a video camera or webcam,
    . a microphone,
    . and the latest Adobe Flash plugin, free download here.

    If you already have all necessary to begin, click here.

  • How long does it take before I can start?
  • The opening of your account should take 24 hours from reception of the duly filled in and signed contract.
    Please make sure that you understand clearly our conditions. Generally, when we receive your documents,
    we review and approve them directly for you to use our platform.
    Please note that in some cases, we might ask for some additional information. Once approved, you can connect to our platform as a performer.

  • Do you retain any money?
  • If you use our e-wallet, when sending payment to models, 5% of the amount is held in reserve in case of non-payment
    from your customers. This 5% will be sent exactly 6 months later when we are certain
    that your customers have paid.

  • Will my video be slower if I have many viewers?
  • No! The passage through the Flash Communication Server lets you distribute your video signal to
    hundreds of members simultaneously without causing any reduction in speed.

  • How can I improve the quality of my webcam?
  • We developed an application in order to improve quality of your webcam, it also reduces the loading of your Internet connection .
    To be able to use XloveCam Flux Manager, go on this page : help

  • What is "Loves" feature?
  • Each XLoveCam.com visitor (member or guest) can virtually Love any online model by giving her 1 Love from the Free Chat page. The more Loves a model has during the last one hour time-frame, the better the position will be on XLoveCam.com Online and All Models page for the "Sort by" >> Loves filter.

  • Can I ask my visitors to become my virtual "Lovers"?
  • Yes is fine as long as your are not being very pushy with these requests.

  • I have lots of "Loves", yet I don't see my self in front of the models list, why?
  • First you have to filter the Online Model list by "Loves" from "Sort by" menu, and remember that what it counts are the Loves during last hour of activity, NOT THE GLOBAL NUMBER. This way we ensure that each model (new or old) has a fair chance to appear on top.

  • What can I do to have many Loves?
  • Be active, visitors love sociable performers, willing to tease them, models that are sexy, naughty, funny, enjoy their activity and also making others to enjoy watching.

  • What is the XLoveCam.com bonus sytem ?
  • A small amount of money that any XLoveCam.com Customer with credits in his account can offer in Free Chat area to any of models. One Bonus value can vary from 1 to 10 Euros.

    Considering the definition of Bonus (gratuity), in a "perfect world" the customers should Bonus a model for a great performance, after a private show for example, or simply because the customer finds the model looking or being very nice, or because he loves what the model do in Free Chat. In a perfect world bonus shouldn’t be conditioned for offering something extra. While many of the bonus will probably be offered as gratuity, there will also be many cases when customers expect or demand something in exchange for bonus.

  • What else can I do in Free Chat to attract more bonus?
  • You can be as creative as you want, you can try to involve the customers in games like "I'll show you my gorgeous tits for 10 credits in bonus", you can try to smile often, be more active in free chat, tease more, changing your outfit for a bonus, dance, showing your sex toys and so on.

    However what you do for bonus is solely at your discretion, if some customer don't discuss with you first and send you some bonus and after he wants to see your tits, the decision to accept or refuse is up to you as long as nothing was discussed with you upfront.

  • What commission do I receive from bonus?
  • There will be the same commission you have for Private Shows.

  • Can you explain the payment methods?
  • Your customers transfer money to their electronic wallet (e-Wallet) and pay you immediately via your e-Wallet

    • There is no subscription to manage (your costs for hosting, marketing and use of the e-Wallet are calculated based on your sales for each period)
    • The electronic wallet (e-Wallet) is simple and integrated in the customer accounts.
    • Methods of payment available to your customers (to credit their e-Wallet) are multiple and adapted specifically for many countries (CB, Transfer, Prepaid Cards, Audiotel, SMS, etc.)
    • Our Security Management Team is available 24/24 to assist you in lowering your rate of unpaid bills.
    • Earn money even when you are not connected with Bonuses and your VIP videos!
    • You earn commission on all the customer spending you bring in!
    • We pay in Euros every 2 weeks

    * Price ex-Tax + VAT for EU members (The VAT rate depends on your country of residence)