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  • We pay you by bank transfer, XLC CARD or Payoneer, always on time, (minimum payout is around 90£).
  • Fast payments every 2 weeks - NO DELAYS.
  • Your VIP member videos earn you money even when you are not online.
  • High visibility for both new and experienced Models.
  • Clear crystal video image quality with our state of the art software.
  • Both FREE CHAT and MEMBER CHAT are available.
  • Very detailed MODELS' GUIDE that teaches you step by step how to earn the best money on XloveCam.
  • Very low percentage of chargebacks. Many of active models never had a single chargeback and for extra fraud prevention, all high risk countries are partially or permanently restricted from accessing the XloveCam site (partially means that restriction applies only for Free Chat area).
  • No fixed schedule. Make your own hours - you can work as much or as little as you like.
  • Easy to use Model control panel and broadcasting software.
  • Professional support team available 24 / 7. Live or by email.

Before you start the XloveCam registration make sure you have the following ready:

  • One or more pictures of yourself.
  • ID Card digital copy plus picture with you holding the ID Card next to your face (more details with examples are provided in the registration form page).
  • XloveCam registration do NOT require a printer and the scanner is optional; XloveCam model contract is filled online while the verification pictures can be made with a good webcam or a digital camera, as long as the ID card details are clearly visible there won’t be problems with approval of your account.

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You must be at least 18 years to be a camgirl.

Easy steps for a quick & approved registration as camgirl:

  • Complete our registration form.
  • On Approval you will receive your XloveCam user name and password by return email.

It's really that simple - Get started today, you will be glad you made the right decision to work as Webcam Girl.

Studios Webcam Registration Details

Follow these easy steps in order to register your Webcam Model Studio on XloveCam:

  • Register a minimum of 4 camgirl models from your studio using the regular Model registration form.
  • You will receive an email with further instructions.

Hardware configuration necessary:

Hardware minimum and recommended requirements:

    • To be able to provide optimal streaming quality, you need a good computer with minimum dual core processor at 2Ghz or more with 2GB RAM memory or more.
    • Our basic software solution should work on any operating system that support flash player, while our high quality broadcasting solution (Flux Manager) will work only on Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32 or 64 bits).
    • High speed internet connection, recommended 1Mbs or more download/upload bandwidth.
    • A good quality WebCam (Logitech, Microsoft etc) or CamCorder (Sony, Panasonic etc).
    • A microphone.
    • Internet browser like: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
    • The latest Adobe Flash plugin.

    For more details please read our Extensive Guide.

About commissions:

Model & Studio commission details:

  • 50% from private shows with customers comming from our marketing (45% if you are an EU model/studio and don't have a VAT number); if you choose to broadcast
  • only in our member area (no free chat) the commission is decreased with 15%

  • 20% extra from what the customers you bring to Xlovecam spend with you and also extra 20% from what they spend with other models.
  • Customer referral link and email tool can be found inside your model account - left bar - Customer referral program

    Note: 5% of the income is released after 6 months - we hold the 5% as a reserve in case of charghebacks


XLC CARD details:

    Get your payments fast and secure with our prepaid card system

  • Your payments are 100% safe with XLC CARD - it's a system developed by us and the debit cards are issued in association with a major EU Bank
  • It works with any ATM worldwide that accepts Maestro prepaid cards
  • As an extra security feature - XLC CARD can only be used at ATM's - it can't be used online - money can't be transferred to other accounts;
  • so your funds are protected even if your XLC account is compromised.

    Note: Full details about XLC CARD can be found inside your Model/Studio account - top menu - Information >> Payment Settings

About Payoneer

Payoneer details

    Payoneer is a well known third party global payout platform and a popular form of payment also in video chat industry.
    • The Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card works just like any other prepaid debit card and can be used to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard/Visa is accepted.
    • Our collaboration with Payoneer has been set up in USD, therefore you may be charged currency exchange fees.
    Click here to read more details about Payoneer Webcam Model Rules

All Webcam Models must observe and comply with the following rules:

In Free Chat the following are FORBIDDEN:

  • NO MINORS. No persons under the age of 18 years are allowed in front of the camera on this website.
  • To speak any other language than French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Italian in your chatroom.
  • You may not bare your breasts nor your genital area in free chat. This is only allowed in a private show.
  • NO ZOOM in free chat - only in a private show.
  • NO SIMULATION of masturbation (with hands or any object) in free chat and no hands or objects are allowed under the underwear. This is only allowed in a private show.

The following are FORBIDDEN anywhere on our network:

  • Models that are visibly pregnant.
  • SM is FORBIDDEN on this network.
  • NO visible menstruation (menses, period) is permitted when you are on
  • NO ANIMALS. No animals are allowed to appear on camera. ABSOLUTELY NO BESTIALITY is allowed on this network.
  • Incest, simulation of incest or anything similar is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to DEFACATE (poo, scat) or to simulate it.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to URINATE (piss, toilet) or to simulate it.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to VOMIT or to simulate it.
  • FISTING is strictly FORBIDDEN. When your fingers are in any orifice (body opening), the thumb CANNOT be inserted!
  • NO BONDAGE is permitted (For example: If there is more than one person in front of the same camera, no one can tie up or handcuff the other person).
  • NO SELF-MUTILATION, bloodletting, etc. of any form is permitted.

House Rules, General Professional Conduct:

  • NO MAIL, INSTANT MESSAGER ID, TELEPHONE NUMBER and/or POSTAL ADDRESSES can be exchanged before, during or after chatting with the customers (for example:, MSN, Yahoo!, etc).
  • NO PUBLICITY, Internet links or banners for products or services that have nothing to do with or AC Webconnecting are allowed.
  • NO FACE TO FACE MEETINGS with the customers are allowed.
  • NO SOLICITING (prostitution) is permitted.
  • NO DRUGS, illicit or illegal substances are permitted.
  • NO TELEPHONE can be used while you are on If you want to make or receive a phone call you must log off our network.
  • NO EATING while you are on Please log off and take your time to eat.
  • There can be NO IDLE PERIOD of more than one minute where you are not in front of the camera. The use of visual or hand signs indicating a pause is not allowed.

Controlling your chatroom, your account and private show rates:

  • No persons under 18 years of age are allowed on cam or in our chatrooms.
  • DO NOT FORGET that you are on a live erotic video chat website - try and keep discussions focused around this subject. The goal is to earn money in private live chats. If you do too much free chatting, you will end up hurting yourself. If your private chat conversion ratio is too low, we reserve the right to shut down your account. Model accounts can be closed at any time by our moderation team.
  • BANNING tools are available for you to filter unpleasant or troublesome users. Please use these banning tools reasonably - note that the abuse of banning will be regarded as a violation of the house rules.
  • NEVER use or exchange an existing account. Never use someone else's (unused) account. ACCOUNT X = MODEL X - a new Model MUST have a new account.
  • Your account is credited with the 180 day released amount (i.e. 180 retained amount minus chargebacks) 6 months later.
  • Pricing can also be changed at any time, without further notification.
  • Any breach of these rules will be communicated to you. If the above rules are repeatedly broken, your account could be suspended for some time or even permanently shut down.
  • PENALTIES: For more than two (2) violations of these rules per period, you will be charged a 10% penalty of your total earnings against that same period.